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7120 Scan to E-Mail and the Add Me button problem, When you use the Sc

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Post time: 2013-07-27 17:43:43 |Show all posts
When you use the Scan to E-Mail function, there is an "Add Me" button which is supposed to add the "authenticate user's email address" to the list of recipients (see admin guide, page 89). Looked to me like a really useful feature as sending scans to your own email address must be the most common use of the scan to email function.

The way I imagine this should work is:
1. The user logs in to the printer with his userID.
2. Clicks on the E-mail button to enter the scan-to email function
3. The user clicks on the Add Me button to add his OWN email address to the list of recipients.
4. Makes any further settings as required
5. Places the document to be scanned on the feeder, or glass
6. Presses the big green button.
7. His document is then scanned and sent to his own email address.

Unfortuntely, that is NOT how the printer works!!!
When pressing the Add Me button, the printers email address is added to the list of recipients (as set in Properties/Services/E-mail/Defaults), NOT that of the logged-in user. Now this would be fine in Guest mode, but not after logging in. Sure, it is possible to manually change the From field to another email address, which then would also be used by the Add Me button, but that is a lot more complicated than it should be. I have no problem with the printer email address in the from field, I do however want the printer to correctly add my email address when I have clicked on Add Me. I know that I can look up my email address in the internal address book, but scrolling through that is tiresome. I just want to use the Add Me button as advertised and email to myself.

With a busy office and several people sharing the same unit (with accounting, so logging in is normal), fixing this feature would really reduce a lot of confusion when people just want to scan to themselves!

As I suspect this feature is not properly implemented in the firmware, surely it would not be too difficult to update the firmware to implement this properly.

I hope some Xerox engineers can look at this and let us know if there is a workaround, or better still add this to the firmware in a new update!



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Post time: 2013-07-27 19:14:20 |Show all posts
then its normal that it doenst work... there is no server to retrieve the email adres... it can only be done with authentication mechanisms like ldap access and Xerox secure access...

XSA is only for making users with pin to limit users and making reports

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Post time: 2013-07-27 20:37:20 |Show all posts
Hi Fabio,
I am using: Properties / Accounting / Xerox Standard Accounting

Users login with UserID and password.

The Firmware is
SystemVersion 71.13.41Controller ROMVersion 1.205.6IOT ROMVersion 4.24.0ADF ROMVersion 7.8.50SJFIVersion 3.0.15SSMIVersion 1.14.0


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Post time: 2013-07-27 21:54:48 |Show all posts
Hello Peter,

What authentication mechanism are you using, because it works here on our 7120...
When we authenticate using Xerox Secure Access, and i click on add me , my personal email adress is filled in...

What firmware are you running?

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